Rehab – 422 S. Gaston St


422 S. Gaston St

Uneven floors, ceiling tiles, broken cabinets, SEVEN layers of linoleum in the kitchen, rotted bathroom floors, broken windows, clogged drain lines, leaking roof, holes in the ceilings, and much more; these were just some of the things encountered during this rehab. Every window was replaced, all plumbing supply and drain lines were replaced, from the city supply meter to the sewer drain lines. Floors were jacked up and all the drywall was replaced throughout the house.

Ceiling tiles were removed and the low ceilings (under 7 feet) were raised before insulating with R30 and covering with 1/2-inch drywall. This was done along the entire back of the house, where the roof sloped from 8 feet to just under 7 feet. The snack bar was removed and the kitchen/dinning room were joined to allow for a larger feel. The door was closed and another was opened from the hallway, allowing entry to the kitchen without going through a bedroom.

Seven layers of linoleum were removed from the dinning room and kitchen floors. Some looked to date back a long way, maybe to the original construction or shortly after.

Keep watching for more updates and photos.

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