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Our Staff

Our owner, Greg J. Gardner, has worked with many of the same people throughout the last 20 years and helped many investors get started in the real estate business. The staff under his direction in thoughtful, respectful and understand the situations our clients may find themselves. In fact, some clients have come to work for We Buy Houses and gone on to become real estate investors. Let us help you. Let us buy your home. Let us put this burden in your past. We are here to help people just like you, regardless of the situation you find yourself.

Our Owner

Greg J. Gardner has been investing in real estate over 20 years and bought, flipped, and/or rehabbed more than 100 properties before the 2008 financial crisis. Since then he has opened a bed and breakfast, coffer shop, sign company all while continuing to work in the real estate business.

He's more than an investor. Greg swings a hammer along side his employees. He hangs drywall, paints, and gets dirty, just like the people that work for him.

That's how he's learned so much about this business.

Unlike many investors who write checks to rehab houses and solve problems, Greg gets still climbs into attics and slides through crawl spaces. After more than 20 years, he continues to be a hands on business owner that knows every part of the business from sewer lines to sales contracts.

Meet the Team

Let our team help you. Call us today and find out more about what we can do for you. Our goal is to find a scenario where we can help each other.

Greg J. Gardner

Greg J. Gardner

Founder & CEO

Greg has been an entrepreneur and business owner since age 10, when he began selling business cards and stationary in his neighborhood. Since then he has started several highly successful companies, including a sign business that operates from North Carolina to California.

Amy P. Gardner

Amy P. Gardner

The Real Boss

Amy is more than a spouse. She is the reason behind her husband's success. Without her organization and management, the real estate and sign businesses would be little more than ideas drempt of by an ambitious man with passion. Amy is the business behind the passion.

It's never too late...

If you're getting letters from the county about your tenant's grass or letters from the bank about your late payments, Greg and Amy can step in and take over your problem property. Whether it's your house and the payments are six months behind or it's a rental property and the tenants haven't paid you in six months.