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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If we can reach an agreement, We Buy Houses will make any future payments until such time as the house is sold?

Yes. If we create an agreement, We Buy Houses will begin making your payments and continue until the sale of the property. *

There are many different scenarios; however, in most cases the profit is split between We Buy Houses and the seller. Our goal is to create a situation where everyone can benefit and feel good about what is happening.

Yes. Over the years, we have helped sellers in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Arizona, New York, California and more. We are open to working with any selling and any location.

We are not Realtors, but we do have access to a large database of sellers and landlords. We also have an inventory of our own properties and sometimes of units available for sale or for rent.

In some cases, we can complete an agreement in 24-48 hours. In most cases, it takes a week to ten (10) days to get everything signed and recorded at the courthouse. To some extent, we are limited by attorney schedules.

We Buy Houses reserves the right to discontinue the agreement and stop making payments at any time, should the seller violate the terms of the agreement or under certain other terms outlines in the Contract to Purchase Agreement.

It's never too late...

If you’re getting letters from the county about your tenant’s grass or letters from the bank about your late payments, Greg and Amy can step in and take over your problem property. Whether it’s your house and the payments are six months behind or it’s a rental property and the tenants haven’t paid you in six months.